We live in a permanent state of Threat
All our daily actions feel like Transgressions
Walking on the street, shopping, working, talking at the phone, meeting people, paying bills, going out, dreaming at night, waking up in the morning.
If there would be nothing to fear about, our souls would fill the void with the compressed and hidden light of our beings.
A weird strange different system of life.


We search for something else only because we can't cope with normal things.
If we could, we would be satisfied with what everybody wants, has and dreams.
We do not fight to fit in, to be apart, but to brake free, to be on our own into infinity.
I believe we are special beings that took life form for a special reason. Still unknown.


Self-Kill = Getting Out of Norm


I call God, life.
As in meaning of Life.
As in the beauty if life and its kindness with me.
As in my respect for the amazement of life.

RedReturn - manifesto

This World, where genital life is hidden and closed between two people, is made for bad people. Is a world defending itself from the illusions and fears of bad and abusive behavior.

I claim a world of good people, a world where bad does not exist, where death does not exist where purity can transpass all out inner layers and corners and borders.
I claim an Inoffensive world.
We are all children, pure, alive, and joyous.
Is better to give up your life, than letting yourself harm another.  
Sinking our purity, gets us further and further away from reality.
Reality is a White Angle is a Red Return.

This World, we can only have in Art. Only Art can keep it safe and pure. Only protected from our weaknesses and frustrations.  

Compassionate Pleasure

Safety Sucks - noise video performance

Safety Sucks is a noise performance + projection about the humanity's need to create a safe world for them and their children, but safety is only an illusion because the human, in his first 30 years of life is an explorer. Explorers are not safe, are not constant, are not predictable.
And if we practice safety from 7 years old to 70 years old we make our minds solid and cripple our souls.
Noise puts questions without words.
Noise music challenges and provokes us, as a mysterious new world, with unknown laws and contradictions.
laptop + projector noise music

Under the Sun

Unmade - Tree

TREE - in a tree there are 30 - 40 sheets of cotton. A performer has his mouth on a branch. He starts getting away from the branch and from his mouth exits cotton as all the other sheets. His face is white. He has a yellow cotton mask, only his mouth is exposed to the world. On his mask, as long as he keeps his mouth on the branch of the tree, it drips on his mask an oily substance that makes his mask shiny and semi transparent.