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When you risk everything for a dream
and fail.
When you sacrifice all for a righteous dream
and fail.
When you fight everybody for a dream
and fail.
When your dream is bullshit.
Learn not to hate everyone and everything.
Learn not to dream so deep.
Not to get lost in regret.
But continue until death.
No matter what.

Dissident performance Project

Can I make a Performance in your House or Back Yard in 2015?
Bucharest - Berlin - Bruxelles


I would be considered a double agent.
A double agent doesn't keep sides
He loves and despise them with the same passion.
Dissident and evangelist of both
A traitor
Convicted to death if found
He took his mission out of love for the greater One from which both sides make part
A nonexistent One

FIXED film project


I start this campaign very early because I know people are not so eager to invest, or give for a film :)

Fixed - is an idea of mine for a film that talks about a gay relationship between an Older man with family and kids not sure of his inner world and identity and his relationship and love  with a young boy that kills his wife. But he will never find out who did it. And the Young will help him get through his loss, because only a killer can see so much more and so much clearer into the human heart and body.
Is a film about our body's alien quiet mind and drive.
About human as automaton.
Fixed in the frame of learned behavior and social fright.

A film to be made anywhere possible between Bucharest and London :) as we did our last film in Berlin.
A film scheduled somewhere in the summer of 2015.

I ask for money because it takes me about 3 years to gather 2000 euros. And I am so eager to start this process again. The process of filmmaking. Of creating spaces and places for a // something hyper-real (a copy without an original)

please share

For a Porn Film

I am looking for a few people with whom to make an underground poetic porn film.
A film about becoming many. About sharing ourselves through our bodies into pure body-mind-soul-nothingness. About the hardships of transgressing these borders. The journey to nothingness is such a difficult one. Is a journey of amputation.
I am very interested in sexuality and the sexual experiences between people because they are the most intimate and powerful and transgressive of all. And they are less social than wholesome.
I am ready to pay some of the actors, it will be my first payed project  although I would love to make it no-budget because it would be in the true spirit of the project.
I will rent a place for 1 month where we can rehearse, play, discover and film.
We all need poetry, we all need porn.
The project will be filmed in Romania in a, not yet chosen, small city. I am gravitating towards an almost forgotten town, an old spa town with natural mineral waters in the mountains, now in ruins - Borsec. It is a very mysterious and magical place surrounded by weird natural formations that I would love to use as backdrops. 

The symbol of woman

Woman is the symbol of out most inner unfortified self. That is why we seldom feel the need to abuse and control Her. It is what we feel and what we want to do with our inner wild and free side. Our Soul. Our defenseless Idiot. Our ecstatic core.
Woman is our universal symbol for our deep ecstatic core. We use and abuse Her as we would our deepest unreachable core.
That is why when a woman intuitively understands her significance she becomes so so so amazing Powerful.


Magical beings
universes inside physics laws unbending impossible to change.
Why can't we change physical laws?
Why mind is different than physics and allows and desires bendable physics.
Why are we not inside the physical system. And in what system are we,
one that contains physics and is not contained in it.
Seeking freedom inside brackets.

The necessity of outcasts

The necessity of outcasts It is a fight. Everything is a fight. Is training your weapons is standing ground, is never giving an inch away. But I do not like to fight. Doing it without the extermination technique. Maybe nature we learned is an adversary. That is what we've learned for 2 million years. When we stand ground, when we fight for our "own" we actually fight for our own species. Our own ancient instincts. And instincts are only existential. There is no cultural instinct. There is no beauty instinct. There is only a species one, and weirdly a God-like one. And I think the God-like instinct is something to do with atomic and quantum physics. And if it is so, our creativity, our beauty, our subtleness that we can't transmit through our genes, is so due to the * our consciousness does. Because all animals have this God-like quantum physics inside but they can't constientises it. And thus can't change it, can't influence it. The self-awareness, that what creates in time consciousness, is usually due to fear and the inability to automatically integrate in the common system of values. The world is not enough only for those that don't have the get in pass by nature. Those that in a nature way of living would be outcasts. So only the outcasts have the involuntary system and dynamics that can evolve. Evolution is a factor of outcasting. Consensus and consensual societies and species are doomed to extinction. As any ideas, political systems, values. Shared from Google Keep