unmade - MalFormation

PSYCHOACTIVE MALFORMATION - a high angle camera that sees only the floor. On it pieces intermingled of humans dance a weird atonal dance. They are all naked, and all have one kind or another of a red stripe going somehow on their bodies. They are a single big organism, ecstatic, psychoactive vibrant. In some parts mouths and cocks are united in a play dance. Hands are grabbing floating open vaginas. Erect cocks dancing in the air.
Different speeds of each element. Slight change of color.

It is about the way we see a human as having human shape. And that we assume that shape as being fixed and incorporating only one individuality. But we are made of living pieces of many people all around us, be it mind, be it knowledge or emotion. We are a network of elements.
And all these elements are fitted together with the purpose to create that ecstatic experience of life. That mystic perception of magic time and space. That inner perception not of only one, but of the many.
All is permitted as long as the goal is PIETY


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EXIS dance performance

Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation is a porn video, on noise music, is about the intensity of touch, of being in two, of losing mind, of garbing soul, of flying in the shadows of pure energy.
Meaning is just an illusion.
Humanity is not the purpose of life.

art and perception

One might argue that the essence of much of art is in forcing us to see things as they really are rather than as we assume them to be
- about the psychology of Fun, wikipedia

Le Sens

« Le sens de l’érotisme échappe à quiconque n’en voit pas le sens religieux. Réciproquement, le sens des religions échappe à quiconque néglige le lien qu’il présente avec l’érotisme. » G. Bataille


Inside intimacy there is no place to hide.
No place to turn your back.
No place to step back.