The Ultimate Selfishness for all the people in search of Truth

Behind the Self is the Eternal Sacral. Selfish without a Self.

Selfishness is an absurd notion. I am selfish as long as a self exists. For all other humans a self is equated with a living body. For you I am my body. And all that my body does. Movements, speech, action. My identity in you is created from the collisions between my way of doing things and your way. They can go together in some places and they can go counter each other in other places.
We normally believe that the self creates the movements, the speech, the actions. In accordance with a reason, or a desire. But what is creating the self? From where does the self comes we ignore for the utility of such knowledge is useless.
My belief is that the self is a creation of the movements, the speech the actions of the body. We train a initial nothing to become something. We glue papers in the shape of a sphere and forget that it is made of papers. The Self.
And Selfishness is the practice of personality. We can want things, ideas or feelings, if you want it for your self it is called selfishness.
We are living in a society that proclaims the Self, the individual and it's freedoms as the most important goals of rulers and common people in the same time. We officially create Selfs.
With the absolute and incontestable truth of Self and it being the core of human life comes all sorts of problems.
One of the biggest is the duality Me and the World. How do I know that this is me? Is a question border to insanity but understanding it and knowing the answer is very liberating. The Me is only a constant flow of unnoticed feeling. Every moment the same just easily changing in time. Loosing it may result in freedom or insanity.
The Others, You, Him, the World, Normality is nothing but mere stable feelings, always the same. Always unnoticed. They are like musical notes. Always in tune always the same note for one thing. Like the unnoticed constant buzz of the TV.
How do I know that this is me? Well just look at me isn't it obvious. This automatically assertion supposes that the perceiving of my body is the perceiving of Self, of identity. But the Self can not be sensed, touched, seen, smelled.
The next level would be your knowledge of me. Of being with me and having interest in my life so that in time you make an opinion about who I am. But this also supposes that the Self is in the Instinctual way we respond to outside events and in the Learned way of being with people. It is not rare that a person is in a way in public and in a totally other way in the privacy of his own being. Where is the real self in the public or in the private? This is hypocrisy. And hypocrisy is a proof of the shallowness of our understanding of Self. And if we believe that True Self is only one than Hypocrite Self is as a result of the True Self. So the true self can not be known or intuited as a conclusion of our patterns of behavior in a certain period of time.
We may think that the only possibility is to know yourself because you are the only one that has the tools to search inside your mind and being. But how can a blade cut itself or a human see what he sees.
All our civilization works on the believe that Self is the Instinctual Self, and it is nothing more about it. In this way it is obvious the supposition that Human Life is limited to learned patterns, even the most complex ones like the Self, and it's development in time is accidental, chaotic and useless. We are here to consume and enjoy and die.
The Self is a thing considered as real as a stone. And our relationships are based on learned ways of being and desire and not Truth.

It is very difficult for me to put this text in a logical form, I am not a logical person and all my thoughts come as enormous cities that I have to put through the small hole of logical apparatus. It is very painful. Logic is a tool only for small ideas.

All I know is that we are not instinctual. Our existence has an infinite deeper meaning outside all created things, by man or nature.
Our Self does not exist. So trying to know the other one is an impossibility as long as we see objects and persons.

We are all One. The ultimate selfishness is to treat all others as you would treat yourself, because all others are just different masks of one and the same Truth.
I am gate toward God. God is not outside ourselves but is Me. The only truth exist and can be touched by us is the God in us, the place where all of us are and can be together.
Please do not satisfy yourself with being Learned Patterns. Look deeper until you will have nothing to look to but sight. The Truth is when you see in its Absolute and Uncreated way the Seeing itself. Hearing the hearing, touching the touch, being the being.
Only in this mysterious absolute Truth can we be together. All else is Suprastructures, division and separation. All else is creation. And creation is a lie. A broken vase is not a vase anymore even when it is glued together.
Truth is Uncreated Unified All.

But Even this text is a Suprastructure, a lie if not understood, and all hope for understanding is lost when the truth is buried so deep inside us. All we do is lie to each other when we never saw the truth.
On this lack of truth all this Human World was build, absolutely and totally unnecessary. The buildings, the facilities, all appliances, the entertainments, we are sealing us more and more inside our own creation, in our failed search for truth.
Finding Truth being in truth has no need for so many appliances and tools. The search for truth and it's simplicity you can still find in monasteries, in asceticism, in monks lost in the forests for decades.
Man has to lose his Human World in order to find Truth.

And between truth and lie stand a weird kind of people. The one like me, with one leg in the Human World, and another in the Truth. Trying to unite and create a bridge between Our fake and decaying way into complicatedness and the Truth. Between scattered Noise and Silence. Between the permanent war of the mind and the peace of the soul.
We are the ones continuously misunderstood from both sides. Continuously slipping form one side into the other. Trying to create Truth out of Lie, trying to see Truth in its naked Absoluteness. When Lie is absolute, truth seems a lie. It is very hard and often seems impossible to break the lies.

Human life has no value. It starts having value when we put price on the Self. Human form and life is a tool to be used not a end in its own. A knife knowing it is a knife will not cut properly anymore, only sometimes in its good moods. A towel knowing it is a towel will dry you as its job but not doing it good, he is thinking about his holidays. A human is an instrument of the truth. That is his purpose and only renouncing self can he become really him. The perfect Self is No-Self.
Unfortunately the only activity of the ones that know and live by the truth is to bring others to it. Truth is not the end.
Living in truth will open to us unthinkable ways, unthinkable worlds. I do not know.

These texts come to me, I can not desire for them. they are to complex and often I forget them before I can write them down. Understanding and analyze seems futile and a lie. It is like creating a complicated machine that you forget how you have build it after completion. Trying to repair it is as complicated as for someone that never saw it before.

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