Dreaming in Waking

The purest possible perception of Reality is Dreaming in Waking state. In dreams we do not think about the Future, in dreams we do not think about the Past. In dreams we do not think about our health.
In dreams we are not live in the normal sense of the world. In dreams we are aware of everything around us, our person is a part of the story and not the story teller.
There is no object and subject. In reality we are to inside our worlds, in reality we are interested too much about our health, body and emotions. We value too much Life because of the negative teachings about Death. Clinging to Life is actually being slaves of Life having to maintain it instead of Living.
The best lessons in living are given by Dreams.
The truth about values and beliefs you can realize in dreams. In dreams you can understand what is ‘I’, what is the mind, what is the soul, what is the reality, what is the source of all your problems. If I would be to translate it in words I could say it is the belief that we should keep our Health. Health being mental, emotional, and physical.
In trying to keep healthy all our lives we run all our lives after Pills. And the prescriptions are very variate and often vague, long term and useless in the end. There is a very strong belief also, that without our permanent concern, we will fall sick. Living means Dreaming.
The difference between dreaming and waking is just a difference of the kind of perception you use to Feel the Present. Reality either be it Inner or Outer it doesn’t matter. Inner continues in the Outer, or Outer in the Inner, they are continuous being fragmented only by our existence/mind/consciousness.
It is as if Reality is a long silk thread around which it is put a ring. The ring is our Consciousness, and it’s diameter varies smaller and smaller when we fight to keep our position/identity in the same place. Wider and wider when we let ourselves Dream. God is when the ring is so wide that it can move along the silk without touching it.

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