Unmade - Initiation of Lara

Ella and Tony have a red thread - shoe lace - turned around their hands a few times.

Ella and Tony are naked beside Lara. They put a hood on her head and lay her down very gentle.
They meditate for about 10 breaths, the space becomes quiet.
Very easily Ella and Tony start cutting away Lara’s clothes. She reacts, she feels the scissors on her skin, she wonders off in dreams and then back in the feeling and sound of the cutting. Parts of her become free and she feels air.
Ella and Tony cut holes out of her clothes until Lara is naked, naked with pieces of clothes all around her. She has a red thread put inside her Pussy and Ass.
Ella and Tony play with Lara’s body, her organs, her skin and muscles inside.
Ella pulls out the thread and puts it into a bowl, a Tibetan singing bowl. Tony starts masturbating and sperms in the bowl. Ella puts wine in the bowl and mixes the content.
They get Lara up near them and take her hood off. Lara is sweated and confused. Her lack of light, of so much stimuli, lack of air, heat, sweat made her oozy.
They give her to drink from the bowl. She drink all and then Ella puts her hand inside Lara’s mouth and pulls the Thread out and then she puts it around her hand.

They all three sit naked between Lara’s cut up clothes.

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