BERLIN - artistic asylum


I will go to Berlin to make my art. A sort of artistic refugee. Here (in Bucharest) I can not find people to work with, is of course my fault too, I am often very sensitive to people and their intentions and also of their motives for wanting to work with me. Sex, body, pornography is so much misunderstood for perversity and obsession about the flesh. For me Sex is an powerful instrument to transcend our human nature. Our natural ways of anger, possession and confusion.
Sexuality is so magic and has to be used with great care and gentleness. Due to its power people either have hide from it or throw themselves in its overwhelming bewilderment.
Sexuality is a form of magic and must be used with great care. Art is a safe from of magic. That is why sex is so right for being opened in the realm of art. Of visual and emotional art.
Sex is not power, sex is soul.  

Amazingly I found a lot of similar minded people in Germany and I saw that in Berlin there is a lot of sexually oriented art.
I do not want to fight to make my voice heard. Fighting is not a way for me, I choose to go where the people understand better and purer the artistic intention and artistic soul. 

So I will go to Berlin in July and August to begin, I want to perform and make films and photography about intimacy about love about the gentle life of truth, sincerity and open heart and mind.

* If anyone wants to work with me, or wants me as model/actor/performer in his/her work I would be more than happy to do it.

* If you would like to help me with some kind of unpretentious artistic residency or something to work, it would be amazing :)

Thank you so much,

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