Unmade - Potatoes, Apples, Flowers

POTATOES, APPLES, FLOWERS - two performers - boy and girl -  The boy stays in embryo position near a wall. Around him in circles there are beginning from the outside, Potatoes, then Apples, then Flowers, closer and closer to him. He lays on a layer of sand, on the wall he is surrounded by a black trace. On his skin it is written DEFECT.
At the outlayer of Potatoes in a corner of the room there is the girl, that begins to push all the Potatoes, Apples an Flowers randomly near and over him. At the end he is covered in all the things that were very nicely ordered in circles.
We get closer and closer with the camera and we go between the things that cover the boy. Until is dark.
In the darkness we see him in front of a little Doll made only out of soft fabric like cotton, with only the shape of a body, white, with no face. He cuts the Doll open. Inside there are organs like a human being has. There is a little heart beating. He very gently puts his hand inside the doll, feels and explores the textures and matter of the organs. There is a Tibetan bowl singing, the girl sits in front of the bowl. He scoops the organs out of the doll puts them and puts them in the bowl. They both venerate the bowl with the forehead on the ground.

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