Unmade - Selfdestruction, Silent Walk, Rain

Unmade - are posts about what I would like to do and couldn't find a way to do it. Either no performers or no financial possibilities. Usually no performers because my ideas are often too pornographic, too emotional, transgressive, too truthful without any possibility of hiding behind a controllable Persona.   
SELFDESTRUCTION - three performers - girl boy, and assistant- the boy is passive and covered in ash. The girl has a big bowl with blood and guts. Also has a big bowl with yellow paint. And another one with earth. And another one with water.  They are both naked.
She takes blood on her hands and hits the boy. She takes from one of the bowls as she feels each time she hits the boy. And she hits him as she wants everywhere she wants.
After the boy is down she takes form the bowls and selfdestructs herself and then she goes close to the boy and mixes herself into his shape and pain.
An assistant will come and put water over them water that symbolizes their healing. Their togetherness healing.
The assistant will stay between the two in Lotus position in meditation until they two selfdestruct. 

SILENT WALK - 3, 5 or 7 performers, 2, 3, or 4 girls - Is a long walk by foot with the backpack through as much as non habitated places. A walk where all the performers thing is about touching one another in all the possible ways. Caress, touch, kiss, sexually. In any or all the moments of a journey, walking, standing, dreaming, going to the toilet. An improvisation about touch and intimacy without words. About non relationships and closeness between people. Boy with girl, Girl with Girl, Boy with Boy and Group. Is about creating the soul of a group.
No word will pe spoken between them all these days.
The camera crew will be made by two persons - camera and sound - and will record what they can without speaking with the performers.

RAIN - one performer, boy or girl + an assistant - In the woods beside a big tree a performer dressed in a big shirt stands looking at the camera, ideally after a few minutes the rain will start, but it can rain from the start.
After the performer is very very wet, 3, 5, 10 minutes, an assistant enters the frame and cuts his shirt off.

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